Weekly Comic Review: Black Canary #1

I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a DC title.  I followed Wonder Woman after the New 52 reboot, and a few issues that Catwoman was in, but other than that, my DC reading has sadly lacked.  I’m trying to change that, especially with all the awesome things I’ve heard about someContinue reading “Weekly Comic Review: Black Canary #1”

Well Written Female Characters: A How to Guide, Part 1

Women tend to be vastly underrepresented in many sides of popular media, including video games (a recent study found that only 10-15% of primary and secondary characters were female) and movies (see: Bechdel test). So to me it’s really no wonder that some writers find it difficult to write women that either don’t fall intoContinue reading “Well Written Female Characters: A How to Guide, Part 1”

Weekly Comic Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 01

Normally I’d like to do this review on Thursdays, so it gives readers a chance to pick up the comic, but it’s been a bit of a crazy week for me, so here it is a day late. This week the spotlight is on: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps issue 1 by Kelly SueContinue reading “Weekly Comic Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 01”

Capturing the Muse: Writing for the uninspired

When I first started writing, I thought I had to be “in the zone” for my work to be truly good.  The muse had to be talking to me and the words had to flow from my fingers like water in a stream in spring.  Now, don’t get me wrong, when things flow it feelsContinue reading “Capturing the Muse: Writing for the uninspired”

Denver Comic Con, Part 1: The Panels

I’m home from Denver Comic Con!  And now it’s time to share with you what awesome things happened and what I learned. Even though this post is about panels, here’s one of the awesome cosplay shots I got from the convention: Credit to dashboardmessages.blogspot.com for taking this great photo! So I got brave and IContinue reading “Denver Comic Con, Part 1: The Panels”

Strangely Ever After – My first published piece

I always wanted to be a writer, stories have sort of always been my life blood.  I used them to help me fall asleep at night, to escape to when things got hard and a way to express myself.  It was not until I attended a writing workshop in Casper last fall that I gotContinue reading “Strangely Ever After – My first published piece”