Editing and Creative Consulting Services

Together, we can transform your creative process and make your story shine.

Please contact me at aubrey.l.jeppson@gmail.com to discuss services or book a consulting session.

Comics Proofreading and Editing

Whether you just want to put the finishing polish on your script or need a more in-depth look at the structure, I can help! There is nothing I enjoy more than helping someone make their story shine.


Proofreading – $2.50 per page.

Full Script Edits – $6 per page.

Script Edits + Art Proofing – $8.50 per page.

Creative Consulting

Creating alone can be tough! If you have a story idea you’re dying to share, but you’re stuck on how to get it out, I can help! We can spend time talking through your blocks and figuring out what happens next, so you can bring your story to life!

This service can include a phone or video call to discuss what you’re working on. I have worksheets and resources we can use to help you plan your next creative or business project.



Short Fiction Proofreading and Editing

I firmly believe that the editor’s job is to make a story shine and bring the author’s vision to life. As an editor, For copyediting, I will provide thorough and thoughtful feedback.


Proofreading – $.045 /word

Copyediting – $.06/word

Content Editing – $.08/word

Social Media Content Strategy

If you’re new to social media marketing or just want to build on the skills you already have, I can help you figure out what tools work best for you. I will work with you to create a strategy for what social media platforms you want to use and what kind of content you want to post. I will walk you through strategies to batch content to avoid post burnout while still engaging your audience.


Contact for more information.


“When I started my company three years ago, I was DROWNING. I didn’t even know where to begin with our social media, our content, or even with our platforms. Aubrey swooped in and rescued me. When we have important documents to submit, I call on Aubrey because she is SO GOOD at editing. She not only catches those pesky grammatical mistakes, but she’s so succinct and clear. This is why we get grants, win awards, and look so awesome. By the way, Aubrey is one of the easiest people to work with and really talented. I wouldn’t be where I am now (reaching over 10,000+ clients) without her help. She is AMAZING.”

– Dr. Yen Verhoeven, CEO at Qi Learning Research Group

“Aubrey has been instrumental in helping me get my scripts ready for my artist and for readers. Her feedback is concise and has always improved my work.”

– JC Carter, Comics Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to send you my script, what format do you prefer?

A: I prefer working with either Word Documents or in Google Docs, because both of these formats allow me to add comments directly to the document at the part that needs attention. I can also work with PDFs as needed.

Q: What is your editing style?

My goal is to provide my clients with actionable advice that helps enhance their vision for their story. I do my best to make suggestions without stepping on the toes of my authors. I’m a writer as well, so I know what it is like to work with someone who tries to take over your work and make it their own, so I would never do that to the authors and writers I work with. It’s a collaborative process, but my ultimate goal is to strengthen the story you want to tell.

Q: What is the difference between proofreading and story editing?

Proofreading covers the most basic parts of story structure, grammar and spelling. It requires less time because I simply read through the script and make sure those errors are not in it, along with asking for clarification in any sections that do not make sense. Story editing includes proofreading as well as looking at the story as whole. I evaluate the structure of the story, looking sections that may not fit, consider character arcs, etc.

Q: Can we do a voice call or video chat to discuss my project?

Absolutely. I’m available through Zoom or Discord to have that sort of “face to face” contact. If you just want to feel out if I’m the right person for a collaboration, we can do a quick 15 minute meet up to discuss the project.

For those sessions discussing ongoing projects, I would charge my creative consulting fee ($50/hr) and I would require you book at least an hour. I’ve found in past work with clients, having that time helps them work through blocks they did not even realize they had. I want to make sure every moment we work together provides value to you as my client.

Q: What are your hours/days do you work?

During the week (US MTN time), I will do my best to get back to you within a day or so. I don’t work weekends, evenings, or holidays. Please understand I often work for more than one client at once, as well as working on my own projects, so responses may not always be immediate. 

Q: What if I have a tight deadline?

I can work with you on a case by case basis for tight deadlines. Feel free to email me and we can discuss pricing for a quicker turnaround.

Ready to work together?

Contact me at aubrey.l.jeppson@gmail.com.