Music Monday

So in addition to loving writing, geeky things and comics, I’m a huge fan of all kinds of music.  I regularly make playlists for what I’m working on or have playlists about random things that help me get into the right writing mood. Each Monday, I’ll give you my recommended tracks for the week, asContinue reading “Music Monday”

And we begin again.

I spent a lot of 2015 figuring out the direction I wanted for my life.  I actually started this blog about two years ago, but for the first year or so it  laid dormant, until a friend of mine asked if I would write a guest blog for his website’s blog (Which has some amazing/inspirationalContinue reading “And we begin again.”

4 Awesome Comic Series You Should Check Out

So this week has been a bit busy and I didn’t get to hit the shop on New Comic Book Day.  That means I don’t have a comic to review as I usually do.  Instead, I’m going to share with you some of the series I’ve read recently that I’ve absolutely enjoyed. The Wicked andContinue reading “4 Awesome Comic Series You Should Check Out”

Weekly Comic Review: Last Days of Black Widow, 19

I’m a little low on time this week, so I’m this might be more of a comic recommendation and less of a review. This week the only thing I picked up was Last Days of Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto and VC’s Clayton Cowles.  I’ve been following the series since it began, and I’veContinue reading “Weekly Comic Review: Last Days of Black Widow, 19”

Denver Comic Con, Part 1: The Panels

I’m home from Denver Comic Con!  And now it’s time to share with you what awesome things happened and what I learned. Even though this post is about panels, here’s one of the awesome cosplay shots I got from the convention: Credit to for taking this great photo! So I got brave and IContinue reading “Denver Comic Con, Part 1: The Panels”

Strangely Ever After – My first published piece

I always wanted to be a writer, stories have sort of always been my life blood.  I used them to help me fall asleep at night, to escape to when things got hard and a way to express myself.  It was not until I attended a writing workshop in Casper last fall that I gotContinue reading “Strangely Ever After – My first published piece”