Short Story Release: Battles

So I actually wrote this story about two years ago.  It was accepted into a superhero anthology and I was giddy and then…The anthology was never made.  Despite my disappointment, I decided I still wanted to share this story with the world, so I opted to self-publish it through Amazon.  You can pick up theContinue reading “Short Story Release: Battles”

Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosts

Prompt: Ghosts Word Count: 286 Kara wasn’t sure she believed in ghosts, until her favorite uncle, Robert, died.  He had been the person in her life to encourage her love of reading and the first person to tell her she should try to be a writer.  He gave her a copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune, JaneContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosts”

Flash Fiction Friday: War & Peace

Prompt: War and Peace Word Count: 201 This year, she tried to put her weapons down.  She was not fighting against some sovereign entity, but rather against the voices that had started the war within her own head.  Her swords were sharp, terrible thoughts.  I am not attractive anymore, what use do I have ifContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: War & Peace”