Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosts

Prompt: Ghosts Word Count: 286 Kara wasn’t sure she believed in ghosts, until her favorite uncle, Robert, died.  He had been the person in her life to encourage her love of reading and the first person to tell her she should try to be a writer.  He gave her a copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune, JaneContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosts”

Flash Fiction Friday: Refresh

Prompt: Refresh Word Count: 197   “Come on.  Load.”  James said, as he jammed his finger down on the mouse, hitting the refresh button over and over.  He had spent months saving up, but he also knew this moment would come.  The servers were overloaded, everyone else that wanted tickets was probably doing the sameContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Refresh”

Flash Fiction Friday: Handle with Care

Prompt: Handle with Care Word Count: 169 She never considered herself to be a “Daddy’s girl.”  Cora got along well with her dad, even thought of him as her best friend, but the phrase never really fit how she saw their relationship.  Sure, he would buy her things when she expressed excitement about a SlurpeeContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Handle with Care”

Flash Fic Friday: Fear

Prompt: Fear Word Count: 154 When Elena was 5 years old, she was terrified of Box Elder bugs.  She had mistaken the little orange and black bugs for fireflies, and a well-meaning friend in her kindergarten class had told her if she touched the little bugs, they would burn her little fingers off.  It wasn’tContinue reading “Flash Fic Friday: Fear”

Flash Fiction Friday: War & Peace

Prompt: War and Peace Word Count: 201 This year, she tried to put her weapons down.  She was not fighting against some sovereign entity, but rather against the voices that had started the war within her own head.  Her swords were sharp, terrible thoughts.  I am not attractive anymore, what use do I have ifContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday: War & Peace”

Flash Fiction Friday

It’s Friday!  So that means it’s the day I muster up some courage and write some flash fiction.  If the prompt sparks inspiration for you, please share your flash fic with me!  I’d love to see it. Today’s prompt is: “It feels like letting go.” Spite can be fuel.  It can be a fury buriedContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday”

Flash Fiction Friday

This week’s prompt for Flash Fiction Friday: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” -Robert Frost Today’s post is a little bit more narrative non-fiction than fiction, but it was what I felt inspired to write today.  I hope you enjoy it, and share your own FridayContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday”

Flash Fiction Friday

So, I wanted to introduce a new recurring feature on my blog.  Each week, I’ll provide a prompt and a bit of flash fiction.  If you want to join in on the fun, please feel free to post your flash fiction in the comments or link me to it via the comments. I’m a reallyContinue reading “Flash Fiction Friday”