Resources for Comic Creators – Scripts, Advice, and Classes

After writing for years, when I pivoted toward comics it surprised me that there was no real “standard” way to write and create a comic.

It’s Okay For People To Like Things…I Promise.

My head has been down the last few weeks as I tried to finish costumes for Salt Lake Comic Con and continue the decluttering project I’ve decided to do on my entire house.  I still check Facebook and one pattern of posts struck me as really strange and kind of bothersome. The Harley Quinn Haters.Continue reading “It’s Okay For People To Like Things…I Promise.”

Review – Suicide Squad

First off let me say, I enjoyed the movie.  It’s a decent popcorn flick and if you have a general idea of the backstory of the characters involved, you can fill in the blanks that may have ended up on the cutting room floor.  That being said, the action scenes were very entertaining and did notContinue reading “Review – Suicide Squad”

Comic Spotlight: What I’m Reading

Right now there are two titles that I’m currently picking up from Marvel,  Mockingbird and Black Widow.  Each book has very different female leads and are entertaining for different reasons, read more and find out why.  I’d also recommend Wayward by Jim Zub and Monstress by Marjorie Liu.  I picked up the trade of the firstContinue reading “Comic Spotlight: What I’m Reading”

Attending Your First Comic Con

For me, the convention season is just about to start.  As comic conventions get more popular, more and more people are attending each year that have never been to a comic convention before.  I’ll be heading to Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanXperience later this month, and have plans to attend Denver Comic Con and SLCC’sContinue reading “Attending Your First Comic Con”

Weekly Comic Review: Avengers #0

After Secret Wars, Avengers #0 is an anthology book that ties together the stories of the Avengers, the New Avengers, A-Force, the Uncanny Avengers, the Ultimates and the Squadron Supreme.  Each team has a small vignette that ties their story into that of the Squadron Supreme.  Stories like this can be tricky, since the readerContinue reading “Weekly Comic Review: Avengers #0”

Salt Lake Comic Con Part 3: Chris Evans and this Con was special to me.

In the time I’ve been attending comic conventions, I’ve only ever gotten one photo op with a celebrity.  It was last year with Eliza Dushku, someone I have been a fan of for years.  I usually go to conventions to show off my cosplay and network with other writers and artists, as well as checkContinue reading “Salt Lake Comic Con Part 3: Chris Evans and this Con was special to me.”

Salt Lake Comic Con Part 2: Cosplay Experience and Tips.

Each year, Salt Lake Comic Con is a little like Christmas for me when it comes to cosplay.  I’m both Santa and the little kid getting the presents.  I spend months working on costumes for my husband and I, and then we get to debut them.  This year was a little different because we alsoContinue reading “Salt Lake Comic Con Part 2: Cosplay Experience and Tips.”

Salt Lake Comic Con Part 1: Lines and Vendor Hall Tips

I’ve attended every Salt Lake Comic Con since they began three years ago, each one had its issues, but I can definitely say that this year was the best so far.  Not only due to the guests, but also due to the organization of lines and such.   My husband and I have tried toContinue reading “Salt Lake Comic Con Part 1: Lines and Vendor Hall Tips”