Learn to Take Your Own Advice

Putting yourself out there is hard, but worth it. It’s also necessary for growth. And it’s often essential in comics because you usually work with a creative team.

Creating a Basic Social Media Strategy

A lot of artists and creators I work with find social media daunting. What most people don’t realize is that running social media accounts can be a job unto themselves. I’ve helped clients grow their social media platforms with some basic strategies, and I wanted to share those tactics with you.

Building a Writing Career: How to Submit to Anthologies

Getting published seems like a scary and hard-to-achieve goal for a lot of the writers I’ve talked to, but one way to get your name out there is to submit to anthologies. It’s a great place to get started because you can focus on short fiction for a bit and learn about story structure. IfContinue reading “Building a Writing Career: How to Submit to Anthologies”