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I always find it fascinating to see how other writers and creators organize their spaces.  Organization has been sort of a thing for me lately, as I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  This is probably the best my desk/office had looked in years, so keep that mind.  When I’m in the midst of writing a story or working on a project, it is often covered with papers, pens, my bullet journal and planner.


I keep two calendars on my wall as well, I happen to be a very visual person, so having several places to see deadlines and plans is helpful to me.  One calendar is just to keep my blogs planned out for the month.  I don’t always stick to this calendar, but It helps me keep track of which blogs I have written and which ones I still need to write.  The template I use for blog planning is here, and I really love it.


Along with my calendars, I keep a lot of art and inspirational quotes above my desks.  I also have a few notes about writing, so that they are easily accessible when I need them, though you can’t see them in the picture above (they are off to the side).  A lot of the art is from the lovely and talented Vylla, but I also have pieces from Kate Leth and Becky Cloonan.  The quote on the right side about “Failing Better” is one of my favorites, and something my best friend and I often remind each other of.

The bookcase next to my desk holds some of my most prized knick-knacks, including my Funko Pop dolls.  I’m not a huge collector, but I have 4 Black Widow dolls, two Peggy Carters, a Sharon Carter and a Cap doll.  The book displayed on the shelf is a version of Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” Speech.  It was actually the first book by Gaiman I ever owned, I was a fan of his writing advice for awhile before I fell in love with his stories.

The bookcase also is home to all my errant papers, books and notebooks.  I mostly try to keep writing books that I really like, or ones that have given me good advice in the past.  There is also a very cute tentacle kitty on the top shelf, who I got at Denver Comic Con.


I have a lot of new organizers on my desk, most of which I got at Joann when they had them %60 off.  I’m a fan of the color pink, so the pops of color are kind of fun to me since my desk is black.  The Star Wars coloring book was actually a gift from my husband this year, for my birthday.  In that back organizer I keep the coloring book, my Erin Condren planner, my bullet journal (not pictured), my sticker booklet, bookmark and blue sticky stuff.  I’m a huge fan of the blue sticky stuff because my walls change a lot and it doesn’t leave a residue.

So there you have it.  That is what my space looks like.  Feel free to share a picture of yours in the comments!  I always love to see how other writers/creators organize their space.



Published by Aubrey Lyn Jeppson

Aubrey Lyn Jeppson is a Freelance Writer. Who really wants to live in reality all the time? Writing affords her a much needed escape from the mundane into the fantastical. She's always looking for other writers and artists to collaborate with. Email her at

3 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. It’s so funny how we both work. My desk is a DISASTER area. Like, a compilation of mixed-material heaps in various stages of decomposition!

    1. It’s usually that way, like, I put away all the papers (they’re on the bookshelf or behind the Star Wars coloring book if you look closely). I’m trying to be better about it though, that book I mentioned is changing my life.

      1. That’s awesome!!!! I’m tempted to get the book – but the voice in my said says, “AFTER DISSERTATION.” So, I have it bookmarked as a compromise! ^.^

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