Music Monday – And Drift Away

So this playlist was going to be angsty one, about ditching bad friends and moving on, since that’s where my head has been at this weekend thanks to a dream I had about a person no longer in my life.

Instead, you’re getting light, fluffy, electronica-ish music.  Partially because I need a pick-me-up since it’s been sort of a rough weekend.  I had a blast with friends at the Superbowl and our monthly game night, but the Mr. has been working night shifts at work, so we’ve been ships in the night for the last few days, passing each other by and sleeping on opposite schedules.  I’m the kind of girl that loves a good routine, so it’s throwing me off in all sorts of ways.

So yeah.  Let’s float on and drift away.  Here’s the track list:

  1. How Did I Get Here – Odesza 
    • This song has been out awhile, but I only recently discovered it.  The music is sort of fills you and wraps around you, like you’re entering some kind of Alice inspired Wonderland.
  2. Pretty Thing – Broods
    • Broods plays with form a lot, which is why I love them.  What might sound like indie or pop songs takes on a different shape entirely.
  3. Illuminate – Afrojack, Matthew Koma
    • I fell in love with Matthew Koma when he sang on Zedd’s Spectrum.  He seems to work with a lot EDM artists.  Illuminate feels really positive to me, “Somewhere, you keep all your halos, scared of what they don’t.  Open your window shades and illuminate.  There’s nothing in your way.  Go on and shine on.”
  4. Professional – Halou, Robin Guthrie
    • This is probably the most chill song of the playlist, but the lyrics are really interesting.  They’re probably about a butcher, but the first time I heard the song it reminded me strongly of a blue-haired ninja/assassin character a dear friend writes about.  Despite the implied violence, this song always makes me feel tranquil.
  5. It’s Alright Now – Bombay Bicycle Club
    • This song has a very airy feeling, compared to the other songs from this band that I’m familiar with.
  6. Serotonin – Audien, Matthew Koma
    • If you don’t know, Serotonin is thought to be the chemical in your body that induces feelings of well-being and happiness.  And it’s Matthew Koma.  So I dig it.
  7. Soon Come Soon – Young Fathers
    • I’m not sure where I found this song, but it’s one I’ve come back and listened to over and over again.  It’s got a vibe that combines both hip-hop and electronic elements and they jive really well.
  8. Fantasy – Kozoro
    • If you like the kind of music in this playlist and you haven’t checked out MrSuicideSheep on Youtube, you definitely should.  There are no lyrics on this song, just really lovely flow.
  9. Shadows – Camikaze ft. Zoe A’dore
    • I’m a sucker for light, airy vocals over electronic backing.  This song is super lovely.
  10. Heartbeats – Grum
    • And we end this one on a high note.  Dance-able and upbeat, this is the kind of song I find myself tapping and jumping around to now and then.

Here’s the Spotify Link:



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