I recently started participating in the weekly 100 word story challenge from The 100 Word Stories Podcast.  I’ll be posting my weekly entries here. They’ll be short and sweet, but I thought it would be fun to share them.

The story has to be exactly 100 words, which is a new challenge for me and short fiction is something I want to continue to work on.  I’m definitely still figuring it out, but I hope to get better with time.  So without further adieu, here is my story from last week:


“You’ve got your pound of flesh. Let her go.” He growled.

“Come, come James, did you really think it would be so easy? I have everything I want now. You, the girl and the bomb.” The villainess retorted, as she slithered toward him.

She stopped suddenly and her eyes widened. He waited for her to continue, but instead she slumped to the ground in front of him, revealing the so-called “girl” behind her.

“She talks too much. Gave me a good chance to get out of my restraints.” She held up a large wrench. “And to get this handy thing.”


Published by Aubrey Lyn Jeppson

Aubrey Lyn Jeppson is a Freelance Writer. Who really wants to live in reality all the time? Writing affords her a much needed escape from the mundane into the fantastical. She's always looking for other writers and artists to collaborate with. Email her at aubrey.l.jeppson@gmail.com.

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