Salt Lake Comic Con Part 1: Lines and Vendor Hall Tips

I’ve attended every Salt Lake Comic Con since they began three years ago, each one had its issues, but I can definitely say that this year was the best so far.  Not only due to the guests, but also due to the organization of lines and such.   My husband and I have tried to get down early on Wednesday night so we could register our passes, but this year that was not necessary as they had wrist bands we could pre-register.  Coming from out of state, this was a huge benefit.

The only snafu we faced was on the first day, when the volunteers had our line for VIP/Gold move forward and then opened doors behind us, causing many people pretty far behind us to rush the doors.  It truth, it probably only cost us a couple of minutes, but was still a little frustrating.

I think the thing that truly helps the most in times like this is a positive attitude.  Comic Conventions are a busy place  filled with lots and lots of people.  Unless the error is truly bad, I try to give the volunteers some slack, they are doing the best they can.

If you want to see areas like Artist Alley and the Vendors, I would recommend getting at least a Gold pass.  It’s not much more than the multi-pass and you get on the floor an hour earlier than General Admission.  We were able to walk through Artist Alley, say “Hi” to my artist friends and buy prints and souvenirs before the floor got too crowded.

I would also leave some things for the second day.  The first day everything is shiny and new and everyone rushes to get to it.  Unless you want something that might sell out, take your time.  Lines for the vendors and such were actually a bit smaller on Friday.  The Funko Pop booth had a huge line the first day for the limited edition stuff they were selling, but my husband and I waited until the second day to go through that line and waited only 5 minutes.  I got my Black Widow doll and got out of there pretty quickly.

If you are buying prints, keep an eye out for the protective case booths.  They aren’t too expensive and they give you piece of mind that the awesome piece you just bought isn’t going to be destroyed as you try to get it through the con and to the car.  I did not buy them for my art the first few conventions I attended, and I regret it.  Too many times something go bent or broken.

You can only attend one day?  Go on Friday.  Each year I think that Thursday will probably be the most calm of the days, and each year Friday seems to be.  I think that most people think that the first day of the con will be quiet, so they get passes for that day.  The other advantage to attending on Friday is that many of the celebrities, vendors and artists are there.  Salt Lake is a bit different than most other cons that run Friday-Sunday, so sometimes Celebs do not get until Friday.

Did you go?  Do you have any awesome advice you would like to share? Please do!  I’d love to hear your comments!

My next post will be about Cosplay at the Con and my tips and tricks.


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