My Stories

Currently, I’m working on several projects, long and short, and submitting short stories for publication.

Fiction and comics are my focus as I would like to build my career in those areas.  If you are an artist, writer or creator that would like to collaborate with me, please drop me an email at

My Current Publications


Battles – A Short Story – Rae must face an enemy that she thought was once a friend. She is faced with an impossible choice. She can use her newly-discovered powers to stop her old friend or she can give into his demands and possibly lose herself in the process. Will she face this battle and find out what she is truly made of or abandon it?

Strangely Ever After – My short story “Teeth, Nails and Pain” can be found in this lovely anthology filled with re-imagined fairy tales.  You can also find my story here on my blog.

Comic Projects:

I Deserve Better – Wanda Maximoff Fancomic – I wrote the script for pages 1 and 2 of this fancomic and helped collaborate on the plot of the story with the other writers and artists.

Other Contributions:

Comic Reviews at Soda and Telepaths

Educational Content Posts at STEAM Café

Guest Posts:

Sometimes “No” is an Act of Love – Written for the Passion Provokers blog.

Understanding the Effects of Video Games –  Written for the Passion Provokers blog.

I’ve also written articles for Yahoo Voices, but that program was discontinued in 2014.